Why You Need Skylights

You may have found this site in hopes of learning a little bit about why people are using skylights. The benefits of skylights go far above that of the conventional and move into health and beauty. First the convention is most obvious – ventilation for your home, free daylight for your home, add value to your home, and skylights can add a unique décor to your home.

Rooms in your home that are filled with fresh awesome air and natural daylight perpetually greater in beauty, appear more roomy, and edifying to your spirit. Having skylights will bring all the benefits of the outside into your home.

Many people out there don’t know of the others reasons you might want to use skylights in your home and business. There is a great degree of health benefits from receiving regular doses of sunlight and fresh air. For instance – It is said that having an insufficient amount of sunlight is linked directly to SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) people suffering from SAD may have less energy, bigger appetite, and depression. Twenty percent of America suffers from SAD.

If that’s not enough – you may want to know that sunlight is known for healing skin illnesses like – acne, eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis. All you need is about fifteen minutes a day of fresh sunlight. Then the UV ray disrupt the proliferation of irregular skin cells that cause these skins problems.

Along with sunlight feeling your home with brilliant light lifting you up. You can get venting skylights to help bring fresh air into your home that will help in many ways. You may not know it but many homes have difficulty breathing. This lack of ventilation cause the home to become filled with pollutants or VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds). You may be asking yourself where these impurities come from. They come from upholstery, adhesives, carpets, fireplaces, cupboards, and pressed wood cabinets. Do you have any of those in your home? Venting skylights will allow your home to exhale a lot of VOCs from these sources.