Velux Blinds Accessories

With Velux blinds being the number one item you need to go along with your Velux Skylights and Roof Windows – You may be asking yourself is there any thing else that can help maximize the efficiency of your skylight. Yes – there is a wide variety of items and accessories that you can use in conjunction with your blinds to give you even more control of the kight coming into your home and help prevent other unwanted effects from using skylights and roof windows like – a flashing system, controls, glazing options, trim kit, security locks, and insect screens.

Flashing is almost a must if you plan on it raining ever. A flashing system help water proof your skylights. Velux flashing systems are made to pour rain forth without the use of sealants which can wear down over time. Velux has many flashing systems to match any Velux skylights that you have installed to give a water tight fit for all types of roofs.

You might find you need controls for your blinds unless you are Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four and can reach your roof easily. Velux offers manual and automatic controls for their blind and windows to give you control over the light that comes into your home with ease.

Glazing seems to be a necessary option for almost any skylight. Glazing is a form of tinting that can help reduce some of the light and more importantly the heat that comes through. Reducing this light and heat will help stop unwanted fading of furniture and carpet. Windows can all be glazed to help weather proof them in areas where hurricanes can be expected. Lastly you may want to check out Velux’s Sageglass also called electrochromic glass changes tints with the amount of light that comes through it.

Security locks are available for roof windows to help keep unwanted visitors from using your roof windows as an entrance – but will still allow the windows to work. So you will have everything you want with the protection you need.

Most importantly insect screens if you have roof windows or skylights that open for venting you may find that you quickly need this item to keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in. After all one of the main reason we have skylights is to ventilate our homes but we don’t want to feel like we are standing in the middle of the jungle.