Velux Blackout Blinds

Roof windows and skylights can really bring the best of what your home has to offer. Any room using natural daylight will be the best room in your home. With some homes having attics you have an excellent opportunity to give your home a special room that uses natural daylight. Many people don’t know that attics (completely finished) for your home are normally appraise at one hundred percent of the value with the rest of your house and totally redone basements do not.

There are many other reasons you need to get daylight in your home. One of the best reasons is it promotes healthiness and also keeps your body’s internal clock in check. Keeping all this in mind many of us may not know that electric light uses 20% of the total amount of electricity used in America – by having roof windows you can cut back on your’s and the nations energy usage.

Velux is one of the world’s top carrier of skylights, roof windows, and in addition blinds accessories needed to manage them. Many of the rooms in your home or office that could benefit from Velux skylights may have needs and times when you don’t want any light to enter the room – not to worry there are many blinds that can help you control the amount of daylight that enters the room or even block it out completely called blackout blinds.

These Velux blackout blinds are a great option if you need to turn day time into night outs. This type of blind uses a aluminum side channels that the blinds run in up and down – this stops sunlight from entering the room around the edges like what happens with normal window blinds and curtains. If you are using Velux Skylights then you can normally find that they carry just the right size of blackout blind to fit your skylight.

You will be able to find these blinds in almost any color and size to match your room style and décor. In addition to turning day into night these blinds are made of an aluminum foil that will help stop unwanted heat from coming into your room by reflecting it with the aluminum. Giving you a cool and cozy place to take a daytime nap. And the best feature is this blind can be remote controlled so you can adjust the daylight from your bed – that’s like having the power of the sun in the palm of your hand.