Benefits Of Velux Blinds

The best way to understand the benefits you will receive from using Velux blinds is by knowing what benefits you get from having Velux skylights and roof windows. These skylights, windows, and different types of blinds all work together to give you maximum benefits. In essence the two need to be used together if you want the whole package. The skylight brings the goodness of the Sun into your home and the blinds control and manage that light.

Lets take a look at what kinds of Velux windows you can have and then we will finds some blinds that best fit them. The most common Velux windows are called – Velux Skylights for either residential or commercial. For residential use you have skylights, Sun Tunnel, and roof windows.

Other than mentioned above – there are two different types of skylights – venting and non venting. The venting skylights allow sunlight and fresh air while non venting only allows sunlight in. The venting versions come in manual or automatic.

Velux Sun Tunnel is a skylight use in small spaces like closets where a view of the world is not that important but allows fresh sunlight in the room. Sun Tunnel is a tube in the top of your ceiling that funnels the light in. Sun Tunnel is also great for hallways, bathrooms, and or anywhere you want daylight.

Velux roof windows are used in lofts, finished attic, or bonus rooms that are on the top floor of your home. These windows allows fresh light and air in the room but are normally in reach and are operated manually. In addition these windows are used as emergency exits or even openings to a balcony.

One of the best benefits of Velux blinds are they pre-sized blinds already made to fit your Velux skylight. The most common types of blinds are Venetian, blackout, roller, pleated, awning, and duo(a mix of blackout and pleated) insect screens are also available.

When it comes to choosing which blind to use the best way to decide is by which room you are in. Blinds are great from controlling the amount of light the comes in but some block it completely and some blinds help control the heat from the windows. So some rooms like bedrooms especially baby rooms you might want to be able to block light and heat from coming in during normal daylight hours for nap time or if you want to sleep late that day. To do that you will need to look into blackout, awning, and duo blinds.

In other rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and living rooms you may just want to be able to control the light between a lot or very little for this you will want Venetian, roller, pleated, and awning. You may want to get insect screens for all your skylights that allow fresh air in to help keep bugs out of your home.